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L.A.girl Gel Glow Nail Polish 0.47 oz- 8 Colors

L.A.girl Gel Glow Nail Polish 0.47 oz- 8 Colors

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Gel Glow Nail Polish

Available Colors: Rated R, Phantasma, Vamp Blood, Flickering Flame, LED Glare, Eerie Glow, Potion Mist, C-through

Sometimes we need to give our nails a little edge.

This bright, luminescent formula has an extreme, high shine finish much like a gel polish, that becomes vividly bright when activated under a blacklight.

Even though you need a blacklight to see the glow, no UV light is necessary to set this nail polish, unlike a traditional gel polish.

Whether you’re prepping your nails for the perfect Halloween costume or adding the final touches to your festival fit, Gel Glow polish will help you light up the room.
Try clear “C-Through” over any nail polish to instantly add a glowing effect to your nails.

- Blacklight activated glow nail polish
- High shine, gel-like finish
- No UV light is needed
- Cruelty-free, paraben-free & vegan

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