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L.A.girl Nail Treatments

L.A.girl Nail Treatments

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This nail treatment product protects your nails. It provides the nutrition you need for your nails and helps them grow hard. It also helps your nails grow healthy and beautiful. The garlic ingredient in this product helps your weakened nails grow healthy.

Base Coat

GNT8 Hydrating Base Coat. - Hydrates brittle nails & regulates nail growth

GNT20 Marine Base Coat - Protects nails from staining & reinforces nail polish wear

GNT44 2 in 1 Base / Top Coat - Prep nails & extends wear


Top Coat

GNT1 Diamond Top Coat - High shine, non-yellowing with Dimond powder

GNT7 Quick Dry Top Coat - Fast drying top coat

GNT9 UV Top Coat - Protects & Transforms nail color under UV lighting

GNT43 Gel Shine Top Coat - Shines like a gel & extends the wear

Strengthen & Repair

GNT2 Calcium Builder -  Builds thick, strong healthy nails

GNT5 Whitener & Smoother - Smoothes & whitens nail imperfections

GNT13 Nail Strengthener - Strengthens nails & prevents nail chipping

GNT14 Nail Thickener - Fortifies & thickens nails

GNT15 Nail Hardener - Hardens weak & soft nails

GNT16 Garlic Nail Growth - With garlic extract for strengthening & shine

GNT18 Cuticle Oil - Soothes & softens cuticles

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